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Corporate Governance

As a responsible corporate citizen, the AC Group is committed to its various responsibilities. The Group ensures that though the responsibility begins from its manufacturing facilities and offices, it does not end there.

Sustainable development and a clean environment integrated with the business objective is the focus of operations at AC Group.

The AC Group firmly believes that the governing principles of honesty, trust, and integrity will lead to the Group becoming a model to emulate. It understands the need of fostering the spirit of enterprise and accountability, promoting transparency and responsibility. This spirit is carried forward in all its dealings with the regulatory bodies, employees, stakeholders, shareholders and customers.

At AC Group, all regulatory compliances are followed in letter and in spirit and all stakeholders are kept informed of developments that impact the organization.

The Group abides by all set norms and compliances, follows a process of transparency and fairness in all its dealings, and imbibes the best governance practices.

The AC Group ensures that the rights and interests of all stakeholders are recognized and all legal, statutory and other obligations fulfilled. The Group has developed a code of conduct for its management and executives to ensure that the disclosure rules are followed and there is accountability and transparency in the working of the organization.

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Modern Bathroom


AC Group is committed to set international standards in environment conservation in order to fulfil its responsibility as a good corporate citizen.

The Group is dedicated to a clean, green, hygienic environment. The Group is committed to conserving and preserving natural resources. It works towards preventing pollution by maximizing recycling, minimizing waste, reducing discharge and emissions and effectively using waste treatment plants. AC Group has invested in Effluent Treatment Plants and Water Treatment Plants, which make sure that the environment remains free of any pollutants. We have build water harvesting in our facilities to save on every pure drop of water that is discharged.

The Environmental policy at AC Group ensures that all wastage material is environment friendly, effluent treatment plants are optimally used, recycling and energy efficiency is adopted across facilities

Sustainability: Features
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